"We must design for the way people behave, not for how we would wish them to behave." – Don Norman

User Experience Mindset

Design Process and Iteration

I am a believer in user centric design (UCD), a huge fan of Don Norman and a lover of solving problems that make the world easier to navigate. A user experience approach to design has changed the way I look at not only projects, but everything around me.

What People Say


  • Chris Baffa

    Head of Creative US, Dragons Group

    ...she brings an A game unmatched by most people in the business. 

  • Jeffrey Jackson

    Principal at Curio Productions, Inc.

     In addition to her prowess, she's a consummate professional, a clear communicator, and an absolute joy to work with. 

  • Josh Lipschutz

    CEO, Related Media LLC

    Jennifer has a keen, in-depth understanding of the digital landscape and has proven time and time again to display her inter-related design and coding skills.

  • Douglas C. Evans

    President, CEO, Entrepreneur

    She is a consummate professional and treats each and every client/project with not only respect, but also is responsive to needs both minor and major.

  • Ralph Hernandez

    Associate Director, Digital at Revolution Digital

    Jennifer is a wealth of knowledge in her field and has a positive attitude for any project that comes her way. 

  • Sabrina Brelvi

    Brand Strategist, Dragons Group

     Jen is extremely buttoned-up and makes her one of the most professional colleagues I know and ever worked with.

  • Mikaela Santiago

    Content Manager/Performance SME,Dragons Group

    When I know I have a nearly impossible design project due to scope or deadlines, Jennifer is one of the first people I go to. 

  • Brittany Nutt

    Digital Designer, Dragons Group

    Jen is always there to help fill in missing holes even if she has a jammed packed day. Her attention to detail and quality of work is outstanding. 

  • Ted Deutsch

    President, Taft Communications

    I've turned to Jen a number of times over the years and her design work is always very creative, high quality and on time. Strongly recommend!

  • Nicole DeFranco

    Group Art Supervisor at NaviSync LLC

    There are honestly not enough complimentary words in the dictionary to describe the talent and work ethic that Jen has.

  • Jackie Needleman

    Principal at Needleman Management

     Jennifer is disciplined, professional and creative. She listens to the client, thinks through the various scenarios prior to implementation, presents ideas and then implements - and on time!

  • Scott Rozman

    Life Coach, Executive Coach

    Jen Adamowsky is not simply someone you hire – she’s someone you partner with! I could not be happier with her thorough work, her creative skills, and her unparalleled talent. 

  • Randi Martin

    Senior Digital and Creative Recruitment Specialist at Accenture Interactive

    Simply put Jen is my go to for any design project that requires the consumate professional. She is responsive, creative, a great communicator, results oriented and an all around pleasure to deal with.

  • Jason Lanza

    Senior Digital Designer at Dragons Group

    Jen has a tremendous technical understanding of her work. She designs and codes any web asset that's required from start to finish, all the while maintaining industry best practices so everything can be hosted with no issue.

Skill Set

Core Capabilites

  • Full Adobe Creative Suite
  • Adobe XD

  • Sketch / Invision

  • Hype 4

  • Custom Joomla / Wordpress
  • Articulate Storyline 360 (LMS)

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • PHP
  • JQuery | JavaScript
  • UIKit Framework
Project Types
  • Custom CMS Builds | Web Design/Dev
  • Visual | Digital | Graphic Design
  • Animated Banner Ads
  • eMail Design | Deploy
  • UI | UX Workflow
  • E-Learning Programs for SCORM Compliant LMS

  • VEEVA (Approved Email,CRM, Engage)


What Design Thinking Looks Like