Within minutes of Jennifer walking into our office for the first time, I knew we had a self-motivated, extremely capable creative with an entrepreneurial spirit. I now have the privilege of working with her every day. She is a consummate professional. First one in the office, already deeply immersed in whatever project we were working on. From big branding ideas down to the smallest production task, her work reflects smart, strategic thinking, but is also grounded in common sense narrative.

Jennifer also has a fantastic understanding of the digital landscape proven by her ability to design and fully code any digital asset in record time all while following best practices. Combined with her knack to keep up with industry trends and technology, she brings an A game unmatched by most people in the business. And she's genuinely a pleasure to work with. Collaborative, passionate, talented. I'd jump at the chance to work with her at any agency.

Chris Baffa - Head of Creative US, Dragons Group

Jennifer is a true web ninja. She has been my go-to consultant and website architect on several projects and her skill, knowledge and insight never fail to dazzle me. In addition to her prowess, she's a consummate professional, a clear communicator, and an absolute joy to work with. I can't recommend her highly enough and if you have the chance to add her to your team, you should grab it.

Jeffrey Jackson - Principal at Curio Productions, In.

Jennifer has a keen, in-depth understanding of the digital landscape and has proven time and time again to display her inter-related design and coding skills. She is passionate and extremely communicative and timely during every aspect of projects we have collaborated on. She brings a wealth of digital experience and comfortable in client-facing roles. I think one thing that separates her from others is her quality of work and attention to detail - it has been simply impeccable.. I have worked with Jennifer for more than 10 years now and remains one of the most professional colleagues I work with.

Josh Lipschutz - CEO, Related Media LLC

I can't tell you how incredible Jennifer is to work with. Not only have I used her for my personal website work, but have sent her to other non-profit organizations of various budget sizes and complexities. She is a consummate professional and treats each and every client/project with not only respect, but also is responsive to needs both minor and major. Even when asked to trouble shoot someone else's work when stating with her, there is never an issue. If you are looking for someone to work with in a field crowded with unprofessional businesses, don't waste your time with anyone else. You will not only love working with her but give her as a resource to everyone you know. I have and will continue to do so.

Douglas C. Evans - President, CEO, Advancement, Marketing, Entrepreneur

Jen is a highly knowledgable designer who is beyond talented in multiple mediums. Her wealth of experience in design and client-facing roles allows for a seamless interaction between the client and production studios. Her quality of work and attention to detail is exceptional. I work with Jen on a day-to-day basis and I feel confident in every project we tackle knowing it will be executed in a timely, professional fashion without sacrificing creative integrity. Jen is extremely buttoned-up and makes her one of the most professional colleagues I know and ever worked with.

Sabrina Brelvi - Brand Strategist, Dragons Group

Jennifer's knowledge in the design space and commitment to deliver quality work with impressive efficiency is unparalleled. She is a true partner and among the most reliable people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. When I know I have a nearly impossible design project due to scope or deadlines, Jennifer is one of the first people I go to. Jennifer has my highest recommendation as a design leader and expert. 

Mikaela Santiago - Content Manager/Performance SME, Dragons Group

Jennifer has been a partner on every project we've collaborated on. Jen is always there to help fill in missing holes even if she has a jammed packed day. Her attention to detail and quality of work is outstanding. Jen has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only is she collaborative, she's also passionate about what she does. I look at Jen as a mentor and would absolutely work with her again in the future. She would a great asset to any company.

Brittany Nutt - Digital Designer, Dragons Group

I've turned to Jen a number of times over the years and her design work is always very creative, high quality and on time. Strongly recommend!

Ted Deutsch - President, Taft Communications

There are honestly not enough complimentary words in the dictionary to describe the talent and work ethic that Jen has. Jen has now made TWO of my sites come to life. She nailed the vision I had while working quickly AND accurately. I have never met anyone more motivated then Jen. She is easy to work with and genuinely cares about the work she does. She is simply amazing.

Nicole DeFranco - Group Art Supervisor at NaviSync LLC

I have been fortunate to work with Jennifer at Compass Healthcare and at Alaven Pharmaceuticals. Jennifer is disciplined, professional and creative. She listens to the client, thinks through the various scenarios prior to implementation, presents ideas and then implements - and on time! I've worked with her on several rush projects and really tight deadlines. She doesn't give up, stays calm and focused, and delivers!

Jackie Needleman - Principal at Needleman Management

Jennifer is and will also be my "go to" person for any Web design & development projects. She is an experienced professional who can advise, design and produce winning results for her clients. From logo design to full site design and more Jen brings energy, enthusiasm and creative flair to all she does!

Randi Martin - Senior Recruitment, Accenture Interactive

Firstly, Jen has a tremendous technical understanding of her work. She designs and codes any web asset that's required from start to finish, all the while maintaining industry best practices so everything can be hosted with no issue. But beyond the hard skills that are necessary in a designer, her work ethic, dedication, and collaborative attitude mean she's always willing to help the rest of her team with input, which always improves our work significantly. She's also very dependable - if she says she'll finish something, she will, even if it means working after hours on her own time. Her professional attitude allows her to finish her work efficiently, while also interacting effectively with clients who may not understand the ins and outs of a design process. I absolutely see Jen as someone to learn from and as someone I appreciate having the opportunity to work with.

Jason Lanza - Senior Digital Designer at Dragons Group

Jennifer is an extremely dedicated and talented hybrid designer. She makes things happen and can quickly come up with creative solutions. Jennifer is a wealth of knowledge in her field and has a positive attitude for any project that comes her way. Her attention to detail is exceptional and she really understands her clients needs. I was very privileged to work with Jennifer. I’m happy to say that I was able to learn a lot from her in the time that we were colleagues. Jennifer would be a huge asset to any company.

Ralph Hernandez - Associate Director, Digital at Revolution Digital